At the #USBevX wine conference, an attendee to my session said “I’ve never heard social media explained the way you did. It makes so much more sense now!”

The talk was called “How six brands target six different wine consumers” and wasn’t actually a social media specific presentation. It instead walked step by step how six brands target a specific wine consumer with ALL their communications – logo, packaging, website, social media, photos, text, emails, etc.

Most presenters at conferences or in the latest marketing news, talk about the latest trends or tips when it comes to social media. But what my attendee picked up in my presentation and what I often tell my clients – social media should not just be about your sales or events.

We often advise our clients that 8 out of 10 posts should be about engaging with your customer and about brand awareness. Only TWO posts should be “Buy our wine!” or “Attend our event.”

Why? Check out this Infographic: Actions that Make People Unfollow a Brand on Social Media. See the green bar at 46%? Too many promotional messages.


What type of posts do consumers like?

Let’s check out Sprout socials below graph on Consumer Sentiment on Brand Behaviors on Social. Notice how all the “cool” behaviors have nothing to do with promotional messages? Instead, it’s about including the consumer in the conversation, just like you would do in person. ConsumerBrandBehavior

Wine social media posts that work

Here are four types of posts that help increase brand awareness and increase engagement for wine brands:

  1. Ask them questions (Engage): Which is their favorite wine? What did they do this weekend? What wine pairs best with X wine?
  2. Use content to reinforce your brand image (Brand Awareness). What does this mean? Each week post about your brand. Even better, literally talk on video about your brand. This helps build brand awareness and feeling like they know you. Talk about why the owner created the brand, where the inspiration for the label design came from, why you grow specific wine varietals, or where the name of the winery originated.
  3. Posts about your wine consumer (Engage). What interest your wine consumer? Make the posts about them. For example, Mark West wines, targets their Millennials male wine consumer with styled photos and recipes focused on grilling and tailgating. Not sure who your wine consumer is? Check out this list.
  4. Post about wine and food connections (Engage + Brand Awareness). Use social media to make industry partnerships or talk about the ones you already have. For example, Flavein Pommier of Bordeaux’s Chateau Darius helped his family wine brand make huge leaps in brand awareness by posting famous Executive Chefs in Paris he has met on Instagram. Their Instagram account now boasts 25.2k followers and has lead to the support of the President of the Republic of France, Mr. Macron, and his wife. This will not only impress your current fans, but also help grow your fan base. Read the full story here on Forbes.

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