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This seven week course is especially created for smaller, boutique winery owners. We know that you create fabulous wine and we want to help you spread the word! We take wine marketing and break it into 7 weeks of emails with steps you can take right away to grow your winery.

Confused by social media? We explain step by step which social networks are most important and how you can turn website traffic into visitors to your winery. Sign up today!

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Topics Covered:

  • How to brand your winery
  • How to increase your winery customers with 10 steps
  • How to use Social Media for your winery
  • How to decide which Online Ads are right for your winery
  • How to increase traffic to your Website step-by-step and get more sales
  • How to use Email Marketing to grow your winery
  • How to make your wine label stand out

Our past attendees say:

“This 7 week course is an excellent idea to warm up and make you think about the next steps to be taken. Marketing never stops! Thanks!” – Leonardo from Spain

“The series was insightful and helped us greatly in the middle of a rebrand.” – Anna

“We have a long history with Bauerhaus Design and am amazed at how they not only know design, but also understand how to teach social media and online marketing.” – Bob E.

“I’ve been receiving the Sell More Wine series and the Bauerhaus Design newsletters for nearly one year now and what surprises me the most is the fact that… they are always new! I mean, they are full of great ideas and links to interesting books, I wonder how they can find so often such an amount of useful material. Plus, Rebecca replied immediately to the e-mail I sent her, and I appreciated it very much. Thank you guys for being so nice, keep on doing like this :)” – Mike T.

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Get more winery customers with our 7 Free Wine Marketing Tips:

Yes, sign me up for the FREE seven week marketing course!

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