Canine Country Logo design Your company logo is the single element that your potential and current clients will see the most. Does it perfectly communicate your message? Does it appeal to your target market? Does it look professional?

Think of the logos when you read these brand names: FedEx, Apple, Nike, Target. What do these logos do? They are distinct, stand out from their competitors, and are easy to read. Just because your a small business, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same.

Villa Antonio Winery logo designHow does the logo design process work?

Below are 11 steps we follow with every single logo project. Why so many steps? We believe great design is not just about making it look pretty, but also about understanding the business goals of you, our client:

1. I will ask you around 20 questions about everything from color preference, target market, who are your competitors, etc.

Cool logo design: Venovix hosting with green leaf2. Market Research: I look at your competitors logos, your target market and general logo research.

3. Brainstorming: Sketching and word association

4. Type study: I fill two 8.5 x 11 size documents with different type faces that might work.

Zion Lutheran 150th Anniversary Logo5. Translate top sketches to computer in black and white artwork. Tip: If a logo doesn’t work in black and white, it won’t be dynamic in color.

6. Pair black and white artwork with typefaces.

7. Pick top two to three designs

8. Present to client

9. Make 2-3 design tweaks

Smoking Joe's BBQ logo10. Add color

11. Present to client

11. Send the final approved files in a variety of formats to the client.

What type of clients do we design for?

I have designed logo’s for wineries, photographers, jewelry designers, retail stores, restaurants and schools. hollajane photography logo designI’ve worked with businesses locally in St. Louis, Fairview Heights, Collinsville, Belleville, southern Missouri, as well as nationally. We love learning about new company’s and their owners – contact us today for your complimentary estimate!

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Samples of our work:

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