Do you have a plan to reach your new and existing customers this year? How else are you going to track what is the best ROI (Return on Investment) for your company? Having a plan will help you focus on how your marketing dollars are better spent. Is it with Direct Mail, landing pages, or creating a social media contest? Do you know how your target market likes to receive information? Is it through Facebook, Direct Mail, in Person or through Email? A Marketing plan will help provide a concise plan of action for the entire year.

Creation of a Marketing Plan includes:

We’ll evaluate your company by asking you questions and then provide you with an outline to meet your business goals. Each marketing plan includes:

  • At least 2 meetings in person or via phone
  • Development of all of your marketplace background (market overview for each target demo that you want to reach)
  • Definition of target customer types
  • Strategy for how we plan to advertise to your customers

We will provide you with a complete Google calendar that will include:

  • Dates of when your customers typically buy (For instance, how many months out does a bride buy jewelry for her bridesmaids? Same for Mother’s Day, etc.)
  • Dates of deadlines & run times for ads, events, e-mails, direct mail, Twitter, Facebook fan page and any other media we discuss in our meetings.

We also provide:

Media Buying – Is the rate you are getting for your newspaper ad, the best? Are you advertising in the right publications for your target market?

Press Releases: An article written about your company can reach the customers you’ve been trying so hard to get. Let us create a Press Release to publicize your accomplishments.

PR campaigns: Often journalists need to see your company name and story several times before they write about it. We can help you promote your brand to the write media outlets.

Copy Writing: Having a hard time writing why your business is so fantastic? Let us write copy for your next brochure, website and advertising campaign.