PageLines- WineLabelDesign.jpgYou have mere seconds to catch someone’s eye across the aisle. Is your packaging standing out from your competitors?

I create wine labels specifically for your target market. Not all wine drinkers are the same and different imagery appeals to different consumers. Did you know there are 6 different types of wine consumers?

What’s your wine story?

Each winery has its own unique story and the wine label is what consumers will see the most. We tell your story with both type, imagery, and the texture of the paper. What does your wine label say about your wine and winery? Find out 5 common wine label design types here.

 What makes a good wine label design?

A good wine label design is as much art as it is telling your brand story. But what 3 elements make a really good wine label design? Check out my answer here.

I break down the common wine label design trends in What does your label say about your wine?

NelsonHillWineryfrontwinelabelPlus, check out How to target women with wine label design (it’s not by adding pink!)

No time to read, just want to see work I’ve designed? Check out the case study on creating the Nelson Hill Winery brand.