As analysts take a look back at the data across over the past year, consumer shopping habits have changed drastically. The ways in which consumers around the world shop and interact with brands will forever be changed. The general developing customer shift towards eCommerce rapidly sped up, while in-person interactions became web-based. 

Now this leads to the real question… What are 3 ways the pandemic has shifted consumer shopping habits?

01 | Digital Media Fuels Shopping Urges

It’s no secret that social media channels across the world have reached new highs as people are constantly checking to stay up to date with news, trends, and more. Shopping online via platforms such as Facebook or Instagram are no longer just a more convenient way to get goods delivered to your door. It’s also a place where shoppers are discovering new products and finding inspiration at the same time. 

72% of consumers say the amount of time they spend on social media has increased since the pandemic started and are 91% likely to continue purchasing more items online in the future. 

This is here to stay and brands should leverage their digital marketing efforts to boost brand awareness and increase sales

Online shopping02 | Shoppers Buy Where Their Values Are

According to a Stackla study of 2,042 consumers across the U.S., UK and Australia, it’s clear that consumers crave more personalized and authentic shopping experiences. 88% of consumers say that authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. Increasingly, consumers are putting their money where their values are — whether it’s sustainability, corporate responsibility, or racial equality. It’s important for brands moving forward to be authentic, and transparent through their mission, vision, and values. They may also showcase their support of certain causes by partnering with organizations, using eco-friendly packaging, etc. 

03 | Consumers Count on Convenience

During the pandemic, many consumers got used to having shopping options and will likely continue counting on them even as pre-pandemic behaviors come back, creating a new post-pandemic shopping norm. Many people also became accustomed to curbside pickup, free shipping, and same-day delivery while retail operations had limited conditions. Brands that build value for consumers around convenience will likely thrive as many are on the go.

Overall, many people have been forced to stay home daily, thus, increasing their spending online instead of in stores. This has completely changed shopping culture for many and the practice of shopping online will likely continue in the future. For many businesses, it’s difficult to know which of these consumer shopping behaviors are fleeting and which are here to stay. 

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