6 tips for Email Marketing

When designing a website for clients, one of the things we discuss is the importance of email marketing. Email marketing is not just sending your clients a sale email right before Black Friday. Instead it should be a consistent message that you send out monthly or more.

Email marketing is a very low cost way to get customers to your web site each month. But don’t expect one email around the holidays to turn into huge sales. Part of developing customer loyalty is staying in touch, so you are fresh in their minds. You don’t have to run a sale each month, but you can show your latest product or details about a special event or contest. Think of email newsletters as a way for people to get to know you and your brand.

Here are 5 tips on making your email marketing succeed:

1. Make Opt-in easy

Make sure you have an easy Email opt-in on every page of your website. Why? You never know what page people are going to come into your website on. Did they do a Google search for wine events and your calendar popped up? Or were they looking for a specific vintage of Pinot Noir? Again, make it as easy as possible for users to sign up for more info.

2. Increase your web traffic

In order to get more email sign ups, you must increase the amount of people that visit your website. There are two basic ways to increase your web traffic. One, is free with things like blogging, guest posting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For more on this read “Why your business should use Content Marketing.” The other is paying for Pay per click ads, like Google Adwords or banner ads. The one you choose will most likely be determined on how much money you want to spend and how much time you have.


3. Increase the amount of signups with a Giveaway

One of the easiest ways to increase the number of people that sign up for your email newsletter is to have a giveaway or contest. This can be as simple as a wine pairing suggestion pdf download or a more elaborate “enter for a chance to win a wine fridge.” Many retailers will offer a discount code of a percent off or for free shipping.

4. Autoresponders are your friend

A great way to tell customers about your brand is through an automated email series. This is how it works: A person signs up for your email and you set up your email client, like Mail Chimp, to deliver an email to their inbox each week for 5 weeks. Want to see it in action? Take our Sell More Wine 7 week email course.

5. Content that wins

Once you decide on what you are giving away, make sure your content is the same tone of voice as the rest of your brand. For example, if you are in the wine industry, you could talk about the steps of how your wine is made or have each week discuss your different wine varietals. If you are in education, you could talk about the 7 different focuses in your school. The important thing it to tell your brand story over the 3-7 emails, so you are fresh in the customers mind.

6. Email design

Make sure your email design matches your brand – logo, color scheme, images and tone of voice. If your email doesn’t match the look of your website, signage and brochure – customers may wonder – who are you and how did I get on their email list? Remember, a cohesive brand stays in a persons mind longer than a scatter brained one.

Compared to social media, email marketing is still the number one way retailers are making sales. Plus, it’s low cost and only takes your time. Even if someone doesn’t open your email, you are still getting the brand recognition of your brand name. Part of developing customer loyalty is letting people get to know you and email marketing is a perfect way to do that.

Do you need help with your email marketing? We offer services that include design and writing your content. Email [email protected] to set your 30 minute complimentary consultation.