Join me at the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association Conference and Trade Show

Join me February 18 – 20, 2016 at booth # 316 during the Annual Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association Conference and Trade Show  in  Frisco, TX. Check out a sneak peak below of two projects we will be showcasing at our booth. Stop by and sign up for our free 7 week email series or go here: Sell More Wine

Plus, join me as I present a Case Study: How Six Brands Target Six Different Wine Consumers.  Who is your target market? This session will explore why “all wine drinkers” isn’t a good answer. We will discuss the 6 different types of wine drinkers and provide real world examples of how 6 different wine brands reach and motivate each market segment. You will learn which aspects of wine labels, websites, and social media appeal to each group. The primary objective is to help you identify which segment of wine drinkers is your ideal consumer, and provide inspiration for strategies that could appeal to your niche.

Venovix logo & business card design

We designed this logo for our favorite hosting company, Venovix. This is the first hosting company that I have ever worked with that provides AWESOME customer service. Talk to a real person? Check! Replies to emails? Check! Solves weird email issues? Check!

Venovix focuses on building customer partnerships. Their purpose is to simplify the web experience for entrepreneurs and small to mid-size businesses. Venovix provides customized website hosting, managed server services, and software development services. In short, they want to grow with small to mid-size businesses.

As with any logo design that involves a group of decision makers, we started with a meeting with all the company founders to really nail down their brand focus.

Did they see themselves as elegant or modern?

Where do they want to be in 5 years?

What kind of car would you be if your brand where a car? Their response to this last question really told me what they were looking for: Their brand car would be a Lexus RX, which is reliable, luxurious, techy, plus they loved that when you look at the Lexus RX, it could also be a tiger.

Venovix really wanted a logo that at first glance said their name, but on closer inspection stood for something deeper. This is how I came up with the play on negative space with the letter V. It was also important for Venovix to have an icon, showcase that they are a green company, as well as to include the Tardis blue from their favorite show, Doctor Who.

What’s it like to work with Bauerhaus Design?

“After working with another designer on our logo and getting no where, Bauerhaus Design was a breath of fresh air. The response time was prompt, and the quality of work was excellent. Becca really got to know our brand and even helped us fine tune it. She did a fantastic job taking direction from three different stakeholders with differing opinions, as well as taking the lead when needed. We’re so pleased with the creative elements she developed on our behalf, and we love our new logo. I highly recommend Bauerhaus Design.” ~ Michelle Sciuto, Marketing Director, Venovix, LLC

Here is their final business card design:

Thousand Oaks Wine & Rack Card

Rack card design:

We continued our work with Thousand Oaks Winery, located in Marble Hill, MO and designed this Rack Card for  to hand out at various trade booths. The goal was to keep with their classically designed wine labels and promote their view, location and contact info.

4x9 Rack Card design

Design of the back of a Rack Card

Wine label designs:

We were also excited to hear that they named a special edition wine, Willow, after our daughter.

Wine label design for Willow

The family business label design was inspired by the owner’s family history – he was the first one in his family NOT to be in the train industry.

Family Business wine label design

This wine label follows their traditional wine labels – logo and label are the same, except for the name & grape.

Thousand Oaks Harvest Moon

This label was created from a photo of the winery owner’s parents wedding day.

Thousand Oaks Hope label design

You can see more Thousand Oaks wine label designs here.

Impex Beverages brochure

Impex Beverages, an exporter and importer of fine whiskies and spirits, contacted Bauerhaus Design to create a 13 page brochure for a trade show they were attending overseas. Their goal was to look professional enough to gain more big whiskey clients. They had product photos, but for the cover and headers we bought stock photography.

Impex Brochure Cover Design

Samples of four inside pages:

Impex Brochure page 2 Impex Brochure page 3

Impex Brochure Impex Brochure

Brando logo and collateral

We love when our clients are able to put a long time dream into action! Randi Chervitz, who also owns Uncommon Threads Jewelry, opened up Brando, a lifestyle store celebrating the handmade, located in Kirkwood, MO. You’ll find jewelry, scarves and clothing, items for the home – gifts to stir the soul, lift the heart and inspire the spirit. We are excited to share a logo we designed a few years ago for Brando (I told you its been a long time dream!) and her website. We also are doing all of Brando’s marketing, social media posts, plus created the Brando Facebook welcome page, ads, press releases, printed pieces and signage.

Business card design:


Brando business card design

Website design:


Brando Boutique website

Flyer to pass out around town and a Facebook landing page:


Barndo flyer Facebook Welcome Page

Sticker design to be placed on merchandise:


Brando logo on sticker

CN Video: biz card design

Often the best description of my services come directly from my clients. Below, the owner of CN Video, Sam Naes, describes the design process for her business cards:

“People may not recognize me, but they recognize my business card.  I get so many comments and compliments.  I designed my original business card, but it just didn’t look ‘professional’ compared to some others.  So I spoke with Rebecca about coming up with a new design.  I told her what I wanted it to say, what graphics, colors, even fonts…  I just wanted it better.   Becca patiently wrote down everything I said.  I told her I didn’t know how she was going design a good card with all of my restrictions but she explained that she would provide 3 drafts.  The first would be exactly what I wanted.  The second would be similar to what I wanted.  The third would be completely her own design.  I could choose my favorite and we’d take it from there.  When I received the drafts, I LOVED the first one.  It was exactly what I wanted, only better.  The second one was ok (but not as good as the fabulous first).  Then I looked at the third one and said “drat”.  I liked it the best (by far).  I sent all 3 drafts to my friends for their opinions.  It was unanimous.  They all liked the 3rd one the best.  (Becca’s own design, not at all what I asked for).

Becca was so easy to work with, very patient, and VERY good at what she does.  I recommend her to anyone who wants their business cards, web site, brochures, and other marketing materials to look professional, giving the business a more successful look.”

Design Option #1:

Design Option #2:

Design Option #3:


Brochure, direct mail & Poster design

I worked with King of Glory Lutheran school on several projects to help develop their brand. Before I started working with them they put together their own marketing materials in-house. They knew they needed a fresher look that would appear both more professional and appeal to their target demographics, so they contacted me to help.

Before redesign: King of Glory Lutheran School brochure

First, I met with their principal and talked through what materials they currently were using. Below are three examples:

After redesign: Postcard

Next we talked about who their target market was and their goals for each project. Based on these discussions, I first designed a direct mail piece to target the zip codes surrounding their school. I kept with their same color scheme, but added in complimentary colors to emphasize the diversity of their student body.

After redesign: Brochure

I followed the same look as the direct mail piece, but also included large pictures of their student body and included testimonials of their very happy parents.

After redesign: Poster

And the final piece I worked on was a Poster that could be hung in local stores, coffee shops and restaurants.

Branding of Zion banners

Last week I presented the process of creating a logo for Zion Lutheran. This week, I am going to show you the banners I created for their 150th Anniversary.

I was asked to create several banners for Zion for both indoor and outdoor signage. Below is the outdoor pole banner design that will be up in the parking lot for the entire year:

Next, I created banners to be hung inside the church:

And the final banner design was created to be hung in front of the Pulpit. With all of the designs I kept in mind their chosen 150th anniversary Bible verse, “like living stones built into a spiritual house” – 1 Peter 2:5-6. In the below banner you can most easily see how I created the look of a “house” with the negative/white space.