Content Challenge

Does this sound like you? You know you need content that will add value to your customers, but aren’t sure were to start?

This content challenge is built to educate and inspire you around wine marketing topics that will help grow your brand online.

Content Marketing Challenge

80% of the content you create should be of value to your customers. Only 20% should be selling or promotional messages. We split up this content challenge into 4 weeks to inform, inspire, entertain and engage your customers.

Week 1: Inform

Show a photo of your team and talk about why you started your winery. If this isn’t already on your website, add it. Also talk about your most unforgettable feature at your winery. Is it your location? Your view? Your wine and food pairings?

Week 2: Inspire

Create one wine/food pairing blog. Make sure you include a photo of your wine bottle with the food. Post it on your website first and then copy and paste the link into the social media of your choice.

Week 3: Entertain

Create one 15-30 second video with your smartphone showing something at your winery. It could be the view, the history of the building, where you have weddings, how wine is bottled, your winemaker talking about the latest vintage or a customer talking about your winery.

Week 4: Engage

Ask your customers to write a positive review on social media. You can do this by emailing all of your customers and asking them to post a review on Facebook (or Yelp or Trip Advisor) or you can individually ask 5 of your best fans on social media to rate you.

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