Bauerhaus Design believes in promoting a variety of experts, including guest blogger, Caryn Ginsberg. This article is part of her free web design series “Websites that Work” and originally appeared at Heart of the Matter Design.

The famous advertising executive David Ogilvy once said “What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.” Here are five tips for you to design web copy that gets the results you want for the business you love.

1. It’s all about the visitor

If you’re a solopreneur, you, your personality and your background are part of your brand. But before your potential client cares about you, she wants to know that you care about her. Your web copy should, therefore, speak to her from the outset using “you.”

Example: Are you frustrated trying to find healthy meals your family will love?

After you’ve established the connection, then you can tell more about you and how you can help using “I.” You’ll get more business from people who trust that you understand and empathize with them.

2. Tell a story

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed stories. Plays, storytellers, books and TV reality shows all present narratives that entertain and engage. Stories are equally compelling on websites.

You may already be planning to tell your tale, but have you considered stories about your clients? Let your web visitors read how your clients have benefited from what you offer. You’ll help them imagine what you can do for them and they’ll be more likely to buy.

3. Appeal to emotions

According to Maria Veloso, author of “Web Copy that Sells,” “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.” So make clear the emotional benefits people gain from your programs, products and services. Will they be happier, more secure, more confident or less stressed? Tell them, so that they can get excited to take the next step.

4. Keep it short

Reading on screen is different from reading hardcopy. Your site visitors read anything that’s not easy on the eye and the mind. Short sentences are better than long ones. Keep your paragraphs short, no more than 2-4 sentences in general.

5. Make it active

This may sound like a return to old school grammar, but avoid the passive voice whenever possible. Compare these two examples:

You will be shown how to… (passive)

This program will show you… (active)

The second example is stronger.

Designing website content is even more critical than designing the look. Powerful writing suggests powerful benefits that get people to do business with you. With these tips, you’ll create copy that inspires people to take action with you.