Differentiation of how your brand is different is still key. When it comes to wine label design, perceived value is still essential.

But how well does your photography show off your brand’s value?

Wine packaging

COVID-19 has affected many things, including packaging design. As more consumers make buying decisions online, your brand’s digital presence becomes increasingly important. 

Without holding a bottle their hands, or tasting a wine in a tasting room, what else compels a buyer to choose your wine for the first time?

Packaging. And, how that packaging looks on a screen.

Here are 4 tips for improving your wine label and packaging design

Design to stand out

How well do your bottles show up in large wine e-commerce stores next to other brands? Does it get glossed over?

Can you tell a wine is your brand at first glance?

Food and beverage products evolve overtime alongside consumer needs, cultural changes, and trends — and so do their packaging. Use market research and strategic branding to design packaging for resonance.

Shoot the entire bottle, plus close-ups

Even if your customer is looking at your wine on a screen, you still want her to feel like the product is in her hands.

Your photos should capture all angles a person would get if they could pick up the bottle and examine it in person. Close-ups show the foil, layers, and embossing of your packaging, demonstrating your brand’s quality and aesthetic.

Tell your story, every chance you get

Photographing your products gives you multiple ways to convey your brand’s story in one sitting. Be intentional about what’s on the bottle and what’s behind it.

Photo courtesy: Pomona Winery

While many brands shoot on a stark white background, you can also tell your story with a winery scene.

One of our clients Pomona Winery is located in the woods, and took all of their eCommerce photos with greenery in the background.

Create Lifestyle photos set at your winery. If that isn’t possible, use a service like Outshinery or Placeit.

Make it easy to buy

On your website, do you have your wine bottles with the packaging design front and center on your home page?

Make it as easy as possible for website visitors to purchase wine online. Product photographs and “Buy Now” buttons should stand out so consumers see right away they can buy online.

Partner with perspective

One thing that sets Bauerhaus apart is that we provide a blend of services: marketing, branding, packaging design and website design and development.

This allows us to help our clients tell their full brand story across media platforms and help generate sales. Our broad perspective allows us to help you craft an effective marketing and branding strategy for your winery.

Let’s talk about your brand’s packaging design, e-commerce and strategy. Book your free discovery call today.