The other day, I met with two businessmen who often also work with small businesses. One of them asked me “do all of your family and friends know your ideal client?” Great point, do you? Sure you know I do logo, web and graphic design, but do you really know my target market?

My ideal client:

  • small business (under 50 employees)
  • has a marketing and advertising budget for the year
  • believes great design can communicate messaging more effectively
  • needs the design of: logo, brochures, T-shirts, packaging, books or website design
    • realizes they need design and marketing to stand out from the competition OR has a person on staff in charge of marketing, but no designer
  • I work especially with companies that have high-end customers, be it fashion, wine & spirits, education or home builders.

What I offer:

• Clear estimate stating price and scope of work
• 2-3 options for each project
• 2 week turn-a-round on most jobs
• Great communication via email or phone (your choice)
• High quality design
• Always meet deadlines (no excuses)
• 12 years of experience
• Great Testimonials
• My design philosophy: Good design is not just about making it look pretty, but also about understanding the business of you, the client.
• Plus, your project will get featured on this website, Twitter and the Bauerhaus Design Facebook Fan page

For an example of my design process, see the creation of the Tri-County Volleyball Club logo. To read more about my background, head on over to the About page.

Does this describe you? Or someone you know? Feel free to contact me to discuss your design needs.