Covid has impacted business in a big way, and the changes in consumer habits we’ve seen since spring will have a lasting effect on how businesses and their customers interact.

Retailers across all industries have had a persistent urgent need to adjust to the times and circumstances of 2020.

Still, innovation and the ability to adapt to this ever-changing landscape we’re in will make the difference between a struggling business and a thriving one.

An article by the American Marketing Association outlines three key trends retailers have embraced during the pandemic:

  1. Rethinking customer experience
  2. Making online purchasing as easy as possible
  3. Redesigning products and services for e-commerce

Because, as retailers have adapted to the confines of the pandemic and pivoted to meet new needs — consumers’ expectations have evolved alongside them.

“More than ever, consumers are looking to make a connection. Successful retailers stand out in how they’ve optimized their online experiences to include immersive websites and bridge the human connection remotely.”

It’s not enough to offer online shopping. Since “online shopping increased 77% year over year”, consumer behavior has changed for the long-term.

Customer experience in the digital realm

Since many retailers still can’t rely on brick and mortar to create a memorable customer experience, they’ve taken the task to the digital realm. In turn, consumers are experiencing e-commerce like never before.

The difference between companies that value online customer experience and the ones that are behind the curve is becoming more and more noticeable.

“Customer expectations and technology are moving fast—and the brands that put top-notch customer service and innovation first will succeed.”

In a time when people are craving connection and spending lots of time on their screens, listening and responding to customer needs is not just important to a company’s survival, but can also create opportunities to thrive.

In March, Crocs fans began asking the shoe company for free pairs that they could donate to healthcare workers. They listened. In under two months, Crocs created the Free Pair for Healthcare initiative and donated 860,000 pairs.

So what’s the key to keeping up with today’s retail trends?

Don’t let your strategy become stale.

Developing a marketing strategy is not just something you do once. It’s something that all businesses return to constantly, as landscapes and consumer behaviors change.

A relevant strategy goes a long way — and you don’t need to create it alone. Here at Bauerhaus, developing an effective marketing strategy is a specialty, and it’s something we love to do.

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