Simplify Social Media

Social media for small businesses can be confusing. After all, as a small business you are most likely in charge of many different areas and don’t have a lot of free time. You may be wary of Twitter and Facebook and view them as time wasters. So, how do you become involved with social media and not get sucked into the wasting time vortex?

Have an online marketing strategy

If you map out general topics that you are an expert on throughout the year, you’ll never have a moment of “what should I write about today?” To find out how to create your own, read “How to create an online marketing strategy.”

Use free social media software

Use free software, such as Tweetdeck or my favorite, Hootsuite. You can update Linkedin, Twitter, a Facebook profile and a Facebook fan page all at once. No more having to login to 3 different sites to send a message. Plus, Hootsuite tracks how many clicks your links receive, shrinks your long URL’s and can track keywords. Another feature that will save you time – you can also schedule when your message goes out. In another words, if you know your week is fully booked, you could potentially set up the entire weeks messaging in one hour a week.

Just remember if someone comments, retweets or sends you a direct message make sure you still make time to respond. Social media is all about building relationships and interacting is part of building that trust.

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