The wine industry is talking a lot about how, in a few years, California wineries will find out how their 2020 vintages — undoubtedly affected by the year’s many wildfires — taste.

The funny thing is, winemaking always requires patience; there’s always an element of anticipation and uncertainty. Winemakers make educated, strategic and intuitive decisions, but there’s no question that winemaking is just as much an art as it is a science.

The same might be said of marketing.

Knowledge about your consumer, strategy and vision go a long way. As a business owner, you can save time and money and enjoy increased ROI with a solid marketing plan.

And, marketing will always be, in part, an artful practice.

As we approach the end of 2020 (for many, with great relief), we have a change to end this strange year with a bang.

Here are a few creative ideas for your end-of-year marketing, so that you can weave the artfulness and tactic into your winery marketing.

Look like fall

Switch out photos on your website with scenes of fall. Showing your vineyard through the seasons entices people to visit and creates a sense of time and place.

By inviting your audience to see and feel the process of winemaking (from spring through winter), you strengthen their understanding of who you are and give them the opportunity to experience your brand in a more holistic way.

Focus on customer experience

Despite (or maybe in part, because of) the social distancing and general chaos we’ve all experienced this year, people still want to buy from people

Put your winery’s owners and staff front and center in your marketing this holiday season. Show your customers the people behind your brand, and nourish a sense of connection and familiarity that feels so right during the holidays.

Try an Instagram takeover

Invite your biggest fans to takeover your Instagram account for a day.

By handing your platform over to someone who loves your brand, you can cultivate a sense of excitement and community.

Or, takeover another account’s Instagram! As long as you and the other account have similar followers, a takeover can help both of you.

Doing an Instagram takeover helps you:

  • reach new followers
  • share fresh content
  • build trust by cultivating that sense of community and social proof
  • establish credibility
  • have fun with marketing

Remember the Customer Journey

When you’re in tune with who experiences your brand and how they become loyal customers, every component of your marketing becomes stronger.

Understanding your unique customer journey helps you pinpoint the key stages of your customers’ experience — Awareness, Consideration, Decision-making, and Loyalty — so that you can reach them effectively at each stage.

Get your ducks in a row

Have you re-branded, pivoted, or realized it’s simply a good time to get back to the basics?

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Start planning for 2021

One of the most effective tools in marketing is a really simple one: Get ahead of the curve.

When you look and plan ahead, your marketing efforts are often more impactful and less overwhelming.

Now’s the best time to start thinking about what your 2021 marketing plan will look like and entail.

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