This new site was created using WordPress. Why as a designer am I using WordPress? Primarily, because my most recent work changes many times in a year and WordPress is easy to update. Secondly, more and more small businesses are using WordPress.org templates. Why? Once it’s set up, it is easy to make changes and it’s user friendly. They have plugin’s, which are little pieces of code that add things to your site like social bookmarking, SEO, and polls. And they have widgets that you can add things to your side bar like testimonials, categories, and a search area. All without knowing a whole lot of code.

Those of you that hear “WordPress” and only think blog, I have news for you. It’s now much more than that. There are two types of WordPress sites. One is WordPress.com where you sign up for a generic template and have a traditional blog. You can change a few things, like the color scheme. WordPress.org is a different story. You download the latest version to your computer, then upload to your web host. Through different “themes” and custom coding you can pretty much change the entire look of your site. For instance, this website was created by combining templates from Theme Forest and Studio Press, plus many other customizations.

Plus, I am excited to announce that this year I am adding to my services, custom WordPress web sites. This is in addition to the sites I already offer: traditional informational sites, e-commerce sites, and other Content Management Systems (CMS). Have a question about your own web site? Email me at [email protected].