Custom Google Map Creation

How can you best show all wineries in your state?

Create a custom Google map that is mobile friendly and can be used from any desktop or phone.

Illinois wine (Illinois Grape Growers & Vintners Alliance) hired Bauerhaus to build a custom Google map to make it easier for people to find Illinois Wineries. Check out the live Illinois Winery Locator map here.

Custom features included:

  • Auto-location
  • Location by zip code or city
  • State outlined in purple
  • Designed VIP locator pins for member wineries
  • Ability to show member wineries first over non-member wineries
  • Various radius options: 10 – 400 miles
  • Sidebar call out for member wineries

Once you enter your location the map zooms in to the area in the mile radius you specify:


Next, if you click on a map marker or a winery in the sidebar, a box shows up with winery information and a “get directions” link.