Rebecca Ritz, owner of Bauerhaus Design, offers presentations and workshops on wine marketing, branding, online website strategy and packaging design for the wine industry and other luxury brands. She has given over 15 different presentations and has over 25 wine & spirit clients spread across the world.

I am is pleased to teach brands the marketing strategies and real world examples they can use to get more customers and increase their sales. When not speaking, I’m based near St. Louis, Missouri and partner with wine, spirit and food brands around the country to create unforgettable brands with logo, packaging, website design and development, and monthly wine marketing services. My motto is: “Will design for wine.”

Bauerhaus Design is a member of the Wine Industry Network, Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association, and the Women of the Vine & Spirits, an organization dedicated to the support and advancement of women in the alcohol beverage industry.

Wine branding Workshop

Specific groups Rebecca presents to:

  • State wine associations
  • Wine & spirit conferences
  • Food conferences
  • Wine trails

Talks range from 30 minutes to full day workshops.

Who should attend:

  • Winery and vineyard owners
  • Winery marketing directors
  • Wine trail marketing directors
  • Marketers targeting the wine industry

Popular wine presentation topics:

  • Case Study: How six brands target six different wine consumers
  • How to target Millennials and Generation Z with content marketing
  • Content Marketing for Wineries: Create, Share and Engage with Your Customers
  • How to increase retail sales with wine label design
  • Top 10 website strategies to grow your business
  • Full day digital marketing workshop: We cover the importance of creating a strong brand, give examples of digital marketing strategy plans, and spend time developing a hands-on plan for one or more social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest) depending on the time available. Plus, learn the key website strategies to convert visitors into customers.

Presentation Takeaways:

Every presentation is designed to teach you how to get more winery customers in a relaxed, fun, and interactive environment. You will receive wine marketing strategies, examples from real wine brands, and tools you actually can apply to your own business. Depending on which topic you choose, you also will:

  • Learn branding basics, plus see the content marketing examples of six different wine brands
  • Learn our top tips for targeting Millennials and the new Generation Z
  • Content Marketing leaving you confused? Learn how our #1 secret for interacting with your customers, plus much more!
  • Learn branding basics plus which label design details signal an increase in perceived value
  • Learn the must have’s for your winery website, plus the latest trends in website design and development for wineries
  • Learn to define your ideal customer by creating a collage of the 6 different wine consumers, develop a digital marketing plan and learn which website strategies can convert visitors to customers.

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What do others think?

“Rebecca was a guest lecturer for my VESTA “Marketing for Small Wineries” class that I teach online.  She provided the class with an insightful lecture on winery branding and wine label design.  Many of our students are in the process of starting a winery, so the material presented was right on target for their needs.  Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!”
– Patty Held, VESTA (Viticulture Enology Science Technology Alliance) Instructor

“I attended a Social Media seminar with Rebecca and Kristy Meyer. They did a great job of keeping the entire group on the same page (with varying levels of expertise), kept it from being boring for those who could be considered skilled, showed how to use multiple tools in combination and had a great follow-up to make sure that we were using the new skills we learned. I found it a great value and put many of the tips into use the next week.” – Brian Willsey

“Limburg is a wine region in Belgium which is expanding very fast and is supported strongly by the provincial government. With this expansion there is a need for our wine growers to give ample attention for branding and creating an unique wine identity. Since it is our ambition to unlock available international knowledge for our growers we were organizing a wine congress and therefore we were looking for an expert in wine branding. Through an online search we got in contact with Bauerhaus Design Inc. which exactly dealt with the topic we wanted to bring to our growers. After pleasant contacts with founder Rebecca Ritz, we agreed to book her as a keynote speaker for our congress. Her presentation ‘How 6 brands target 6 different wine consumers’ raised our growers awareness to the importance of tune the production and consumers profile to guarantee future success. Rebecca’s presentation was accessible and furnished with a nice visual presentation. The response we got afterwards clearly stated that this was a useful contribution to our wine congress and left our growers with new ideas to address their branding activity.” – Ir. Sven Clemens, Board Secretary Practice-oriented Agricultural Research, Province of Limburg

About Rebecca Ritz, Wine Marketing & Branding Expert

Becca Ritz, Wine Marketing speakerRebecca has worked with wineries worldwide creating their brands, from logo creation, to print collateral, wine label designs and website design and development. She also partners with several different social media and marketing consultants to further provide her clients a full service experience. Rebecca loves wine and has written for Midwest Wine Press on wine label design and has spoken at conferences around the U.S.

Before starting her own business in 2008, Rebecca worked for 10 years with retail and restaurant brands such as Steak and Ale to create corporate identities, print collateral, and design websites in an agency setting. She also worked in-house at the creative department of Build-A-Bear Workshop where she designed print collateral, packaging and Point of Sale materials, and served as the lead designer for the web development team.

In 2010, Rebecca blended two of her loves – design and wine – and started helping boutique wineries and wine industry companies tell their brand story. Her motto is: #WillDesignForWine. Rebecca specializes in integrating your brand story and strategy into print, packaging and website design to get you results, whether it’s to spread the word, get more e-commerce traffic or more in-store sales.

Future speaking events:

January 14-17, 2019: VinCO Conference: Topics TBD, Grand Junction, Colorado

February 10-12, 2019: MidAmerica Beverage Expo & Conference: Topics TBD, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

February 22-23, 2019: Illinois Wine Conference: Topics TBD, Carbondale, Illinois

Past speaking events:

September 19, 2018: Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance (VESTA) guest speaker in Patty Held’s Marketing course: “How to increase retail sales with wine label design”

August 31, 2018: Wine Congress of Limburg, Belgium: “Case Study: How Six Brands Target Six Different Wine Consumers.”

February 22, 2018: U.S. Beverage Industry Expo: “Case Study: How Six Brands Target Six Different Wine Consumers” in Washington, DC.

August 1, 2017: Illinois Winemakers Fundamentals Symposium: “The Importance of a strong brand & packaging design.”

February 16, 2017: Annual Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association: “Content Marketing for Wineries: Create, Share and Engage with Your Customers”

January 14, 2017: Do House Corporation Workshop in New York City: “How to target U.S. Millennials and Generation Z with social media.”

March 9-11, 2016: Eastern Winery Exposition, “Sell More Wine: A Branding Workshop for Better Wine Label Design,” “Why your winery brand should be like Weird Al,” plus I talked about Instagram tips and Millennials on a social media panel.

February 27, 2016: Annual Illinois Grape Growers & Vineyards Association conference: “Why your winery brand should be like Weird Al.”

Feburary 18, 2016:  Annual Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association: “Case Study: How Six Brands Target Six Different Wine Consumers”

March 15, 2015: Radio guest on the Smart Business Show“Why your small biz should be like Weird Al”

March 13, 2015: Accelerate Your Business Workshop: “4 Key Steps to creating an Unforgettable Brand”

Feburary 19, 2015:  Annual Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association: “How to increase retail sales with wine label design”

January 31, 2015: Annual Illinois Grape Growers & Vineyards Association conference: “How to get started in Mobile Marketing” plus participated in a panel on “Why local matters.”

Summer, 2014: Illinois Grape Growers & Vineyards Association Bottling conference: “How to increase retail sales with wine label design”

February 1, 2014: Illinois Grape Growers & Vineyards Association winter conference: 3 hour interactive workshop on “How to create your Brand + digital strategy + packaging”

Summer, 2014: EG Radio marketing webinar series: “Building an unforgettable brand” + “Top 10 website strategies to get more business”

January 25, 2014: Full day Alpaca Digital Marketing Workshop: “Building an unforgettable brand” + “Digital Marketing basics” + “Top 10 website strategies to get more business”

January 15, 2014: Branding expert on the Small Business Roundtable at St. Louis Small Business Expo