Many small businesses know the wants and needs of their customers very well. Just the other day I heard a client who provides flooring installation talk to their customer about how they should choose a certain type of flooring due to their pets and wheelchair use. Plus, she personally recommended what type of cleaner to use. I immediately thought “every potential customer online needs to hear these tips – the one-on-one detail is amazing!”

Another scenario: you go to a winery and the winemaker does a personal tasting where you learn everything from the climate of the year the grapes were picked (draught or perfect rain fall) to the specific smells and tastes in the wine (oak, cigar box, blackberry) and what foods compliment it best.

But how do you translate the feeling of the in-person one-on-one meeting to an online presence? How does a small business take their business online and make it successful? What things will help your business grow? And how do you measure success online?

I want you and your business to rock it online, so I’m giving you the top 10 strategies (you can use right now) that I give my personal clients to boost their brand online.

In this eBook, I cover:

√ Importance of a consistent brand
√ Why you need to pick a niche
√ Importance of your brand story
√ Why you should start a blog
√ Why free email offers work
√ Importance of a consistent email newsletters
√ Why you need a user friendly website
√ Why you need to have your website set up for search engines
√ Why you should be active on Social Media
√ Why your website should be mobile friendly

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