Recent statistics by Invodo tell us that businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. 55% of shoppers often research on mobile devices, where visual content helps inform their product selection. This means that people deciding which winery to visit next weekend, are doing it on mobile first.

If you attended talks in Texas and at the Eastern Winery Exposition, you’ll know that when I do presentations on branding, video is included. Why? Video is not only the hot trend right now in marketing, but is also a great way to tell your uniquie brand story. What makes you different? Is it your vineyard? Your location? Your chef on staff? You history? Show off in video how you are different than your competitors.

What type of winery videos are most successful?

1. Mollydooker Shake:

This video, the Mollydooker Shake, is by an Australian winery that has a link to this video on the back of their wine labels. Including a call to action to video on the back of your wine label is a great way to to share your brand story and “How-to” searches are up 70% year-over-year on YouTube. What can you explain at your winery?

2. Legacy of Jackass Hill

The Wine Spectator 2015’s best video winner is “The Legacy of Jackass Hill.” The star is tenacious Lee Martinelli, Sr., who shares the challenges and dangers of working the Jackass Hill vineyard, which has been farmed by his family since the 1890s. Family lore maintains that “only a jackass would farm a hill that steep.” Is there a memorable feature at your winery location you can share?


3. Mark West Pinot Noir Black

Mark West specializes in Pinot Noir and introduced their new Pinot Noir Black with this video. Notice that this video is bottle centric and does not include people, just wine bottles, objects and dramatic music.

4. Gifts for Cooks: Jordan Winery Chef’s Best Kitchen Gadgets

Have a tasting room gift shop? Highlight the products you want to sell in a video:

5. Cab Wars: The Force of Harvest Awakens (Jordan Winery Star Wars spoof)

Jordan Winery has won numerous awards for their visual storytelling videos. One way they do this is through fun spoof videos that show off the wine, their location and their staff in a fun way.

Bonus Cab Wars: The Fruit Strikes Back (Jordan Winery Star Wars spoof)

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate video. You don’t have to start with a giant budget, you can test out 15 second videos with an iphone and see which videos get the most attention. Videos are great ways to show off the personality of your brand, plus show your future visitors what your tasting room, winery and view are like. Make sure your video stays on brand and remember to make it appropriate for your target wine consumer.