1. You created your logo with clipart
When you started your business, your budget was probably really tight. Plus, you weren’t sure if this new business was really going to take off. Clipart can seem like an easy fix, but after you have been in business for a few years it’s time to show your clients how much you value your own biz and you are here to stay.

2. Your logo is hard to read
There are a million fonts out there, but that doesn’t mean they will all work in a logo. Logo type should be easily readable within the first glance. Plus, the easier it is to read, the more memorable it can be. Consumers are bombarded everyday with hundreds and thousands of logo’s each day, and if they can’t read it in seconds, your company will be forgotten.

Try this with your logo: Tape your logo on the wall and walk past it. If you can’t read it, its not going to be effective on a sign, in a supermarket aisle or on a shirt.

3. Your logo uses a similar icon to many companies in your niche
Do your prospective clients confuse you with other companies? Or even worse a company that does the exact same type of business you are in? If so, it’s time for a new logo.

4. You have changed the focus of your niche
As a business owner, I know that I am always thinking of ways to grow my business and I’m sure you are, too.  For example, maybe you started out selling flooring and now you also want to sell appliances, but your current logo has 3 squares of flooring samples. Businesses evolve over time and what worked 5 years ago, may not work today.

5. Your logo uses a trendy font from 1982 that is now outdated
Working with type all the time, I have seen many trends come and go. But just because the narrow handwritten font works right now, doesn’t mean it will last a lifetime. By focusing on fonts that are timeless, you can redesign your logo to last a lifetime.

6. Your logo is not versatileDoes your logo produce well in one color? It’s cheaper to print one color on promotional items, like shirts, pens, and mugs. Plus, there will be cases when a vendor or partner specifically asked for a one color logo. One place I see them all the time are on 5k race shirts and trade show websites and booklets.

One thing I stress to my logo clients is that all of our logo’s are designed first in black and white. If a logo does not work in black and white, it won’t work in color

7. Your current logo is not built in vector artwork
If your logo is not built as vector artwork, then you will have size limitations. For example, if your logo is a layered Photoshop file you are only going to print it high resolution at the size it was built. This limits you, because you won’t be able to print it as big as a billboard. Plus, if you are going to print on T-shirts, pens, etc the printer will ask for vector artwork.

8. Your company is merging with another companyAs your business grows, so do your partnerships with other companies. This sometimes leads to a merger and the need for a brand new logo.

9. You don’t have a logoDo you find yourself using different typefaces for shirts, your website, and your invoices? Then you are definitely in need of a logo design. Part of building a memorable brand is having a strong logo design that is instantly recognizable.

Logo design is not just about making an identity that is visually appealing, but it also needs to be easily recognizable, scalable, readable, memorable, work in black and white as well as color, and be relevant to your audience. It’s tough work being a logo! Want to know what makes a good logo design? Check out these 7 tips for a good logo design.