Give us just ONE hour and we’ll give you insight on how to create and promote an unforgettable winery brand! You’re invited to attend our first-ever branding webinar on Thursday, April 9th from 10 am – 11 am CST called Why Your Winery Brand Should be like Weird Al.

It’s completely FREE, and my marketing expert Michelle and I are going to discuss the strategy behind Weird Al’s personal brand that led to a successful decades-long career, plus provide relevant social media tips you can really use to promote your winery. To register, just visit

Want a sneak peek? We thought so!

Weird Al is such a great example of embracing modern marketing and we want to share how your winery brand can do the same. We will discuss:

• How to create a unique brand
• How to use Social Media like a pro
• How to keep your content relevant
• How a partner can help you grow
• How and why consistency matters

And there’s so much more we want to share! The goal of our new Will Design for Wine webinar series is to educate, inspire, and empower you throughout the year. We’ll cover a variety of branding and marketing topics to help you stand out from the competition, learn how to use social media, improve your advertising, optimize your website, keep tabs on your brand reputation, and more.

We can’t wait to dive into our first fun and informative webinar, and answer all of your questions. To join us on April 9th, sign up now at We’re looking forward to it!