Brochure, direct mail & Poster design

I worked with King of Glory Lutheran school on several projects to help develop their brand. Before I started working with them they put together their own marketing materials in-house. They knew they needed a fresher look that would appear both more professional and appeal to their target demographics, so they contacted me to help.

Before redesign: King of Glory Lutheran School brochure

First, I met with their principal and talked through what materials they currently were using. Below are three examples:

After redesign: Postcard

Next we talked about who their target market was and their goals for each project. Based on these discussions, I first designed a direct mail piece to target the zip codes surrounding their school. I kept with their same color scheme, but added in complimentary colors to emphasize the diversity of their student body.

After redesign: Brochure

I followed the same look as the direct mail piece, but also included large pictures of their student body and included testimonials of their very happy parents.

After redesign: Poster

And the final piece I worked on was a Poster that could be hung in local stores, coffee shops and restaurants.