Often the best description of my services come directly from my clients. Below, the owner of CN Video, Sam Naes, describes the design process for her business cards:

“People may not recognize me, but they recognize my business card.  I get so many comments and compliments.  I designed my original business card, but it just didn’t look ‘professional’ compared to some others.  So I spoke with Rebecca about coming up with a new design.  I told her what I wanted it to say, what graphics, colors, even fonts…  I just wanted it better.   Becca patiently wrote down everything I said.  I told her I didn’t know how she was going design a good card with all of my restrictions but she explained that she would provide 3 drafts.  The first would be exactly what I wanted.  The second would be similar to what I wanted.  The third would be completely her own design.  I could choose my favorite and we’d take it from there.  When I received the drafts, I LOVED the first one.  It was exactly what I wanted, only better.  The second one was ok (but not as good as the fabulous first).  Then I looked at the third one and said “drat”.  I liked it the best (by far).  I sent all 3 drafts to my friends for their opinions.  It was unanimous.  They all liked the 3rd one the best.  (Becca’s own design, not at all what I asked for).

Becca was so easy to work with, very patient, and VERY good at what she does.  I recommend her to anyone who wants their business cards, web site, brochures, and other marketing materials to look professional, giving the business a more successful look.”

Design Option #1:

CN Video Business Card Design Option #1

Design Option #2:

CN Video Business Card Design Option #2

Design Option #3:

CN Video Business Card design Option #3

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