I recently met with a new client and they asked, “What do you think of email drip campaigns? Do you offer that service?” Yes, we do! This got me thinking… how many wineries know what drip campaigns are?

Drip campaigns are made up of automated emails that send an email to your client at the exact moment they need it to move them through the sales cycle. Marketing research tells us it takes 7 touch points with your business for a customer to purchase. A drip campaign allows you to accomplish these 7 points with ease.

First, let’s review the basics of a Drip Campaign:



Winery Drip Campaign Example

Let’s say at your winery, you want to convert a tasting room visitor into a wine club member by sending a series of emails. First, make sure you have a system in place that you ask each guest for their email address. You can do this easily by having an ipad out where the customer can type in their email address. Email clients like Mailchimp offer app’s just for this purpose.

The winery drip campaign could look like this:

1. Email #1: Right after they visit the winery, send an email asking them for a review on Yelp or Trip Advisor.  Make it easy and provide a link. I recently received this email after a recent car appointment and really liked how simple they made it to click a button to write a review:


Screenshot 2015-09-08 14.01.35



2. Email #2: Think of a unique way to say “thank you” for your recent visit. This could be an email diving into detail about the winemaking process, behind the scene secrets or even a Thank you video:

3. Email #3: Offer a free gift to sign up for your wine club.

The beauty of this drip campaign? Once you set it up – it can be 100% automated. You do not have to remember to send the email, the entire email series is triggered from the sign up date.

Want to convert your visitors to wine club members with an email drip campaign? Email [email protected] for more details.