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I’ve had a few new clients that have come to me and said “I love my current website design, but I want converted to WordPress. Do you do that?” Yes, we do. “Can you also make it responsive to adjust to mobile phones?” Yes, we can do that. In fact, we just did this for DeSales Community Housing Corporation.

Why switch to WordPress?

1. Make your winery website responsive

With the popularity of smart phones, websites are now built so they are “responsive.” This means the size of your website automatically adjusts based on your browser size. That way phone, tablet and desktop users all see a website that is clean, organized and makes your brand experience seamless across all devices. No more pinching and zooming in and out on your smart phone trying to click on buttons and read microscopic text.

2. Easily update your website

I often tell clients, if you can use Microsoft Word, you can make updates to WordPress. By using a Content Management System(CMS), like WordPress, you can easily update your website without having to hire a web designer each time you want to add a photo or change text. This gives you more control than past websites and also lets you play around with the order of things. For example, do you get more email newsletter sign ups when the sign up button is first in the sidebar? Or when it is at the end of each blog post? With a CMS like WordPress, you can constantly tweak your website.

Plus, each project we work on includes a PDF to explain how to make text and image changes, sidebar changes and even how to re-order your navigation bar. This allows you to always have a reference guide, even if you can’t remember how to make updates.

3. Better SEO

Out of the box WordPress is great for SEO. WordPress automatically includes Google search engine friendly features like long phrased permalinks, photo alt tags, H1 tags, and Title tags. Plus, if you really want to tailor each page to specific keyword or phrase, you can install the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast.  This plugin allows you see exactly how each page will show up in Google, plus it will help you learn SEO best practices. If this paragraph has left you thinking – what are you talking about??? Go to this page for detailed explanation of those terms: Part 2: How to be number 1 on Google with SEO.

4. You want to keep your existing design

Does your winery’s website already tell your brand story? Do you have a website whose look you love, but are afraid to edit anything for fear of breaking something? We can transfer the exact look of your website into WordPress. Or maybe you love most of your website layout, but want to add in a few things – like social media integration or email newsletter sign up. Each estimate we provide is custom tailored to your exact needs. Get your free estimate today!