Facebook fan & Twitter page design

Uncommon Threads Jewelry expanded this last month into social media – yeah! The owner, Randi Chervitz, now has a Twitter page, a Facebook fan page and a custom Facebook landing/welcome page.

Let’s start the showcase with the Twitter background. Important things I needed to include: Randi’s photo, Uncommon Threads jewelry logo, the fabric from the website and examples of the jewelry she creates.

Next up is the Facebook fan page that I set up for Uncommon Threads Jewelry. For the profile or “wall”, I combined her logo, website info and most popular piece of jewelry. I also uploaded a photo album of her top pieces and set up her blog to automatically publish onto her Facebook page:

Lastly, I mentioned above that I also created a custom Facebook landing/welcome page. Not sure what a landing page is? You can set up Facebook pages to direct all potential “fans” to land on a custom tab. This tab is basically a mini-web page that can include – links to your website, any special promotion, and sign-up for your e-newsletter. Very cool!

If you are a regular reader of my website, you’ll know that I think that Facebook is a great tool for your small business. To build on that concept, I have debuted new social media package pricing for your small business. But hurry, the pricing is only available April 20 – May 20.