Four Bridges Wine Logo & Wine Label design

Bauerhaus Design created the Four Bridges Wine Label design. Four Bridges is owned by Tim Bridges and the name was inspired by his four kids. The bridge is inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge. I hand painted this bridge with brush and ink to give it a simple unforgettable eye catching design. The perceived value of this label is high due to the gold foil, thick textured paper, hierarchy, and abundance of white space.

Four Bridges sells their wine online, through their wine club and also in retail stores in Phoenix, AZ. Their Syrah was rated an elite class of 95 points by Wine Enthusiast.

How is the Four Bridges brand different?

Wine With Purpose: Wine can make the World a better place. We created Four Bridges Wines with the idea that wine should satisfy your palate and your soul. Think of it as Wine with Purpose. It started with our four children creating beautiful wines while giving back to those in need. Every bottle connects you to our varietals and the social causes that our customers care about.

Visit, where wine and purpose meet, to have your say in the causes we should support in the future. All photos by Four Bridges.