Gateway Wine & Spirits website design

Often I hire out the programming of web sites I design for my small business clients. After I meet with the client, I normally send out the project details to a few programmers and get their estimates. Then I choose one based on several things: their available turnaround time, price and how good a communicator they are.

For this project the reverse happened. I was contacted by the web development team from Kramer Web Development to provide a design for a website for Gateway Wine & Spirits, LLC. I met with the client and the developers and we talked over several design ideas they had. I presented three initial ideas two weeks later. The final idea that was picked was the following. You can see the live site at Gateway Wine & Spritis, LLC.

Below is the Intro page:

Gateway Wine & Spirits website intro

And this is the home page. Both are inspired by a wooden barrels, as both wine and spirits are distilled in them.


Gateway Wine and Spirits website design