Owners Phil Gordon and Marilee Comfort came to me with a request for a logo re-design for their company Comfort Consults. While “Comfort Consults” was their original name, they decided to switch the company name to KIPS, which is also the name of the assessment training tool they sell.

A little more about KIPS:

“Keys to Interactive Parenting Scale, or KIPS, is a practical, reliable and valid assessment of the quality of parenting during free play with a young child. KIPS provides 12 lenses with which to view parent-child interaction, creating new insights to help the parent better nurture his/her child.  Using KIPS programs can improve parenting outcomes, raise parent confidence ultimately improving child health and development.”

Here is the before logo, which was built from clip art. They used both the heart with the key and the logo below it:

Before KIPS logo redesign

I provided 3 logo options. They specifically requested one option using the key, as they commonly relate to their audience that KIPS “Unlocking parent’s love, making what’s in their hearts available to their children.”

Below is the final KIPS logo choice:

Final KIPS logo design

The best compliment from a client is when they write you a LinkedIn recommendation without any prompting. Here is what they said about working with Bauerhaus Design:

“We contracted with Rebecca to design our new company logo. I was so impressed at how she was able to capture the essence of our business in an elegant yet simple visual depiction. She listened carefully to our needs, quickly and expertly created a range of options, and responded quickly and expertly to our comments and questions. I highly recommend her!” – Phil Gordon

“We really appreciate your flexible and responsive working style and will gladly recommend your work to others.” – Marilee Comfort