Moana e-commerce website

Moana Nui Designs, now located in New Zealand, contacted me after seeing the new e-commerce website we just designed for Uncommon Threads Jewelry. After I sent them my web portfolio and my website pricing, we set up a chat via Skype. They talked about how they really loved the other site we had designed and also the fact that it would be easily editable by them, was a huge bonus. This last year Moana Nui had a busy year of a traveling to different art shows, including the St. Louis Art Fair, which is very close to our studios. We were able to meet in person and I was able to pick up a very cool Koru necklace.

Below are the design options that I originally presented them. After I emailed them the designs, they took a week to think about it and scheduled another Skype chat. We talked over some design changes on their end and I sent them back a final design choice. Once chosen, we started the programming stage. Normally, I prefer to allow two weeks for programming, but they really needed this site to be up and running before they left for their big move to New Zealand. We sent them a URL to the site on the development site and they went through it. They had a few more suggestions and once they were made the new website for Moana Nui Designs LIVE.

Design Option #1:

This option is very similar to what the described in our talks. Big hero photo with room for blurbs of copy on the right and thumbnails of the categories below.

Moana Nui Design Option #1

Design Option #2:

This option introduced a photo that went over the entire page, but still showed their featured thumbnails on the bottom.

Web design option #2

Design Option #3:

This option is kept the hero shot as in #1, but introduced a sidebar to the home page.

Web Design Option #3

Final Choice:

The final design is similar to Option #1, but included cart icons and a different style email button, as well as a tan colored background.

Screen shot of final LIVE site design