Modales Wines

In 2020 Bauerhaus worked with Modales Wines to design and develop the Modales Wines brand, build out a beautiful website, and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy.

In 2014, Jim and Carol Gonzalez purchased the vineyard, partnered with viticulturist Todd Robbins and winemaker Andrew Backlin, and set out to create serious wines in the footsteps of generations of Michigan fruit-growers.

Many of their customers have insisted that Michigan cannot create a stand-out red wine. By the end of their experience at the Modales Wines tasting room, they’re carting bottles of reds and whites to share.

After moving up their Opening Date, our client Modales Wines wanted to go live with their new website sooner than later.

So first, we fully completed their branding, choosing and crafting compelling imagery, design and copy.

Using our signature Bauerhaus Brand Map Method, we identified Modales Wines’ uniqueness, created a clear customer journey and customer personas, and crafted a brand story to capture what makes Modales Wines so special.

This in-depth branding work led us to write their simple, yet powerful headline:

“Every vine, every guest, treasured.”

We then focused on the most essential elements of their website to create a pared-down version of what would later be their full-fledged site.

Modales was able to get their website up quickly without sacrificing the branding elements that make a lasting impact on customers: an established brand identity, a compelling story, beautiful imagery and language, and necessary details about their location, offerings and contact info.

Once the essentials site was launched, we dove back into building out their site. We added stunning imagery, elaborated on their wine offerings, built out a tasting room reservation system, plus created a site very different from their competitors.

Check out this video where we dive into the Bauerhaus Brand Map Method and talk about the home page and where the design inspiration comes from for the Modales website: