New website for Thousand Oaks Winery

Thousand Oaks Winery in southeastern Missouri took our 7 week Sell More Wine course and realized they were behind the times with their website. The owners felt like they have been open for 5 years and they were finding people still didn’t know about them.We went through their website, met with the client and came up with following list of goals.

Check out the new Thousand Oaks Winery live site now.

Goals for the new website:

•    Create their unique selling point – Thousand Oaks Winery is the only winery in Missouri with amazing wood fired gourmet pizza baked in an European styled brick oven
•    Highlight pizza in header
•    Mirror design we have established in the Thousand Oaks Winery labels
•    Have website also work on Mobile (Responsive design, so it automatically changes based on the browser you view it on – mobile, ipad, etc.)
•    Add Blog
•    Simplify posting, so once you write a blog post it automatically posts on Facebook and Twitter
•    Simplify pulling content from website to Email newsletter (no more copying and pasting)
•    Make site a Content Management system and easy to update
•    Photo Gallery: easy to add photos and create additional galleries to showcase winery & views
•    Incorporate Google Calendar
•    Include SEO plugin, so their website and winery can be found
•    Make it easy to find directions from all pages
•    Fix Google places Map (map wasn’t showing actual location) – we are currently waiting on Google to approve the actual location, since their address is a PO Box.

Before shots:

Before: Home page

Before: Photo Gallery

Before: Directions

After shots:

Check out the new Thousand Oaks Winery live site now.


Home Page web design for Thousand Oaks Winery



New website design for Thousand Oaks Winery



Home page design: another view of rotating Feature Gallery