Tarbell’s Cha Cha Mouche Wine Website + Wine Shipper Box Design

We worked with Tarbell’s Cha Cha Mouche this past year to create a website to promote their wine club, plus design wine shipper boxes. They do not sell individual wines or have a tasting room – they are only one wine club.

We worked with them first on the Bauerhaus Brand Map, where we defined the customer we are targeting, defined how they are different, then created a Brand headline and brand story. From there we created a path of how their potential customers are going to experience Tarbell’s Cha Cha Mouche at every step.

What was the experience like working with Bauerhaus? Nicole Tarbell shares the below:

“Our experience working with Bauerhaus Design was collaborative, positive, and transformative. We had gone through an initial branding exercise with an outside firm that generated a product, but not a clear direction or solution. This could have been complicated and made the Brand Map effort convoluted, but Becca was able to easily leverage these work products as an input to her Brand Map methodology and create a clear direction for our brand. She made the effort collaborative and iterative, so that the result was not only beautiful and intentional, but took our Customer journey to a professional level we had not seen coming.

The Bauerhaus team leveraged Shopify, Klaviyo and WineHub to create a robust, beautiful and reliable platform for our Customer’s experience.

Becca became part of our team and we found ourselves bringing her into conversation about general operations and Customer experiences outside of branding and web design. She knows the industry well and we’re happy to have her as part of our journey!”


Sip into the sunshine. Embrace sprinkles of joy. Join the Movement

Mini-Brand Story:

Cha Cha Mouche is an experience, born from a round-the-world, lifelong culinary adventure, and expertly crafted for seekers of joy. With doorstep deliveries of exclusive wines paired with a shopping list, Cha Cha Mouche offers members a different kind of buzz: one that transcends the ordinary.

On four occasions each year, in every bottle, Chef Mark Tarbell shares his lifelong passion for wine. Cha Cha Mouche captures the chef’s 40 years of experience, from the joy filled days at l’Ecole du Cuisine La Varenne and L’Academie du Vin in Paris to his magical journeys sipping and spitting with the best wine makers and geeks around the world – so that you can elevate moments both simple and special and make them extraordinary.


Visit the live Cha Cha Mouche website here to see the full site.


We designed both 3 bottle wine shipper boxes and 6 bottle shipper boxes.

Cha Cha Mouche Packaging Shipper box design