Thousand Oaks Wine & Rack Card

Rack card design:

We continued our work with Thousand Oaks Winery, located in Marble Hill, MO and designed this Rack Card for  to hand out at various trade booths. The goal was to keep with their classically designed wine labels and promote their view, location and contact info.

4x9 Rack Card design

Design of the back of a Rack Card

Wine label designs:

We were also excited to hear that they named a special edition wine, Willow, after our daughter.

Wine label design for Willow

The family business label design was inspired by the owner’s family history – he was the first one in his family NOT to be in the train industry.

Family Business wine label design

This wine label follows their traditional wine labels – logo and label are the same, except for the name & grape.

Thousand Oaks Harvest Moon

This label was created from a photo of the winery owner’s parents wedding day.

Thousand Oaks Hope label design

You can see more Thousand Oaks wine label designs here.