Tri-County Volleyball Club logo design

I recently had the pleasure of working on a logo re-design for Tri-County volleyball club. The club coaches girls ages 13 – 18 in Highland, IL. I emailed the client a list of 10-15 questions to provide me with a better understanding of who their company is. The questions range from what does your company do, who your target market is, who your competitors are, to what colors you prefer.

The client provided me with their original Tri-County volleyball logo design:

Old Tri County Volleyball Club logo

They said the requirements for their logo were the following: They were looking for a more sophisticated logo design and they wanted to keep their existing color scheme – red, blue and white. One of the owners also came to me with an idea of showing a girl passing a volleyball. The coaches often relay to the girls that passing is the core of volleyball. After all, if you can not pass, the setter has a hard time getting the perfect set to the hitters. Here is their original sketch for the logo:

Volleyball Logo Sketch

Then, I sketched about 20 different ideas for logos. I normally pick the top 3 or 4 ideas and then start working them out in Adobe Illustrator. Once in Illustrator I usually dedicate an entire page trying to figure out which typeface says “tri-county volleyball” to me for the 3 ideas. I think about things like readability and their target market. Then I’ll start dropping the type into the logo options to see if they are a true fit. I love the moment of finding the perfect typeface – I’ll get a gut feeling of “This is it!”
Below are three ideas I presented to the Volleyball club. Logo Option #1:

Volleyball logo idea #1

Option #2: This option takes their original logo and makes it look more professional.

Volleyball logo idea #2

Option #3: This option is my interpretation of Mat’s sketch.

Volleyball Logo #3

After the above were presented to the client, I received their feedback – they preferred option #3, but were concerned it was too complicated for the embroidery of T-shirts. Taking this into consideration, I simplified it coming up with the final logo:

Tri-County Volleyball Club