Website design for Train Like a Mother Club & Another Mother Runner Store


Train Like a Mother Club

Running, like wine, is another passion of mine and I have been recommending the podcast, Another Mother Runner, to friends for years. While listening to their podcast on my long runs, I first heard they were going to start offering training plans for half marathons. I signed up and loved the #BAMR community. So inspiring! While on a long run, I came up with the idea of how the Train Like A Mother Club could be better and a separate website (my best ideas are always on my runs!). I approached the owners, Dimity and Sarah, with my idea and after a few Skype calls and a proposal, I designed and developed the Train Like a Mother Club website. Train Like a Mother Club is an amazing support system for moms who like to run. Whether you’re training for a 5k or a marathon, this website offers flexible training plans, resources, and a community to help you reach your goals.
“Becca is the ultimate professional: prompt, hard-working, responsive, and creative. Loved her energy and process, and executed our vision perfectly.” – Dimity McDowell Davis

Home Sales page

The first piece of this project was designing a home sales page. Scroll to the bottom for the final design that was chosen out of three presented. This is where we highlighted all of the fabulous benefits of the Train Like a Mother Club. This page is long, but research tells us that users are now used to scrolling and swiping down a web page. To see the live website go here.

Individual challenge pages

ChooseYourWaveEach challenge, whether it is the Half marathon or 5k training program, also includes custom developed code so each participant can pick the wave date of their race. Once they sign up it automatically syncs with Mailchimp and triggers automatic weekly emails to each participant.

Online course design

Once the participant logs in, each challenge shows a different sidebar based on the type of program. This is where users can access the online course training materials, join the private Facebook group and access videos.


Another Mother Runner has merchandise that goes along with each challenge, so we we set up the website to cross sell and upsell matching products. Plus, we built a merchandise store so any user can also purchase items separately.

Mother Runner Map

Mother Runner’s sometimes run alone and sometimes want to meet up with another #BAMR, so we create the Mother Runner Map. Each user at checkout has the choice to be included on the map. When you see an address near you, you can trigger an email to introduce yourself to #BAMR’s near you.


This site was built on WordPress WooCommerce, so we could customize many of the pieces of this website together. We have separate shipping for U.S. and for international along with credit card checkout.
To see full screen initial designs, please scroll to the bottom.

Mother Runner Store

After working with Dimity on Train Like a Mother Club, Sarah asked me how I would make the Mother Runner Store better. A few of our goals: update their online store to be mobile friendly, have an easier one page checkout, easier way to show the current store specials, and to be able to run more reports on which items are selling the best. Since Another Mother Runner had an existing website, we matched the color scheme for the new eCommerce store. To see full screen initial designs, please scroll to the bottom.

What do our clients say?

Here is what Sarah Bowen Shea from Another Mother Runner has to say:
Becca is the consummate professional and a delight to work with! My business partner and I are not “fluent” in the tech world, by any means, and Becca always spoke to us in easy-to-understand, respectful terms and tones. She brought savvy consideration to design options as well as functionality, keeping our brand’s tone and client base top of mind. Now that our beautiful e-commerce site is live, Becca is always prompt in answering questions and helping me navigate the site’s dashboard. Her gracious, thoughtful attitude has made what could be a rocky transition be smooth. I can’t recommend Becca and her work highly enough! Thank you, dear Becca. Your gracious, thoughtful attitude in this process is most welcome. I honestly can’t emphasize that enough to you. I’m so sincerely grateful.

Monthly maintenance

As the Train Like a Mother Club has grown to include Marathons, 5k’s, Heart Rate Training, Ultra’s and Triathlon programs, we now work with them monthly with a maintenance package that includes WordPress updates, daily offsite backups, plus flex hours to add challenges to their website. Need a monthly maintenance package? Check out the full details here.

Have an idea for an online course?

Have an idea for an online course? We provide design, development and content writing to help you launch your course and make your dream a reality. Send us an email  to get the ball rolling!

Want a closer look?

Below is the final design of the home page design for the Train Like a Mother Club. Please note, all prices and challenges are filler. Actual pricing is on their current website. AMR_Opt1b

Train Like a Mother Club additional pages

The left screenshot shows what the participant will see once you purchase it and login; the right shows the additional merchandise store. TLAMwebsite2pages

The Another Mother Runner store

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