The past couple of months I had the pleasure of working with Zion Lutheran Church in Belleville, IL on several projects. The first and most major undertaking was creating a 150th anniversary logo for the church and school.

The requirements:

1. Incorporate the following words: Zion Lutheran 150th Anniversary

2. The logo needs to be applicable to both church and school.

3. Incorporate bible verse “like Living Stones, built into a Spiritual House.  1 Peter 2: 5-6”

4. To be used on banners, bulletins, t-shirts, ornaments and ads.

5. Needs to work both as an anniversary logo and as a logo they can use after the anniversary year.

6. Work with the current Sans Serif typeface on the existing website

In my research of Zion’s past logo’s and promotional materials, I discovered that in their 15o years there has never been a logo or even a chosen typeface. They have, however, used the church bell tower both as a directional marker and as an identifier of Zion since the current building was built in 1964.

Below are the two logo’s that I proposed to the 150th Anniversary Committee at Zion Lutheran:

Zion Lutheran logo design

Zion Lutheran Logo design Option #2

Through a series of voting, the overwhelming winner was Option #1:

Zion Lutheran 150th Anniversary Logo

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