Zion Lutheran School

In 2020 Bauerhaus worked with Zion Lutheran School on a comprehensive rebrand and marketing strategy development. 

Zion Lutheran School  provides Christian Lutheran Education in Belleville, Illinois for Preschool through 8th Grade.

First, Zion hired an outside team to conduct focus groups, and create personas and a brand position.

They then reached out to us to pull their market research together to establish a brand to encompass their research findings and core values — and craft a comprehensive marketing strategy to support their growth.

Before the website redesign, Erica Stelling, the Admissions and Marketing Director, said “if someone came to our website before reaching out, they would have no idea of how great a school Zion Lutheran School was. Everyone who experiences Zion in person loves us, but we have to first get them in the door. Plus, with COVID we could no longer do tours in person and needed a way to show the experience of Zion Lutheran School online.”

We began by a series of Zoom calls outlining a clear Bauerhaus Brand Map to reflect the customer personas they’d developed. Our work here brought Zion’s unique positioning and core message into clear view.

Zion sees every child as an individual, and their staff are dedicated to nurturing each child’s strengths in all pursuits.

We created a tagline to capture that sentiment:

“Growing minds. Building character. Connecting hearts in Christ.”

We then designed and developed a website to carry that message.

We used video, photos, testimonials and compelling copy to convey Zion Lutheran School’s mission, tell the story of their community of students, parents and staff, and provide resources to prospective families.

But most importantly, what did Zion Lutheran School think?

Now when people visit the Zion Lutheran School website, they can see who we really are: Growing minds. Building character. Connecting hearts in Christ.

“The knowledge and care of Becca Ritz at Bauerhaus Design is unparalleled. From our first conversation to final product delivery, she committed to developing a comprehensive customer journey which had an immediate impact on our goals of reaching new families for enrollment at Zion Lutheran School.  

The Bauerhaus Brand Method process is well thought out, deep and meaningful for each of her clients. She took time to understand our customer, mapping out touchpoints and identifying ways to reach our target audience. 

In the end, we had a completed journey that we built a fresh, new website around and stayed on the ZLS brand.

Becca and her team are experts and know the customer is truly at the heart of any organization or business.”

– Erica Stelling, Admissions and Marketing Director