PageLines- AzzaroWeb.jpgDo you have a website? As more and more people turn to search engines and smartphones to find businesses, you can’t afford not to have a website that works across all platforms – phone, tablets and desktop computers.

Already have a website?
Does it produce traffic and leads? Or is it stuck in never never land? Do you know where your traffic is coming from? Are you using targeted keywords in your wording?

All of our websites include:

  • An initial client meeting – this can be done via phone, email or Skype. I’ll ask you questions to figure out your business goals for your project.
  • Custom Design – Includes two to three design choices for the home page and second page as jpegs. Once you approve, we’ll get started on the programming.
  • Contact Form – Allow potential customers to contact you.
  • Easy to update – We create websites in easy to use Content Management Systems, like WordPress and Drupal. That’s right, you’ll have the ability to change all text, images and add pages & posts on your website.
  • Social Media interactive – Do you want links to your Facebook Fan page and Twitter account? Do you want a running feed included of your Twitter posts? We can set that up for you.
  • SEO built-in – Every website we build has a built in feature for SEO, so you can change your keywords as needed.
  • Google Analytics – How do people find your site? What keywords do people type in to find you? What page has the most hits? Google analytics can you answer all of these questions and it’s included with every website we do.
  • Instructions on how to make updates – There is nothing worse than having a brand spanking new site, and not knowing how to make changes to it. I’ll provide you with step by step instructions on how to upload photos and make updates.

Additional website features:

  • E-commerce – We can add e-commerce as a Google Checkout, Paypal or create a full fledge e-commerce section on your site.
  • Landing pages – Do you have landing pages for special offers? Do you know best practices for getting lead generation?
  • Email Newsletters – Does your email newsletter match your website? This is essential in building your brand.
  • Call to Actions – Do you have action graphics on your website? For instance, what do you want your potential customers to do: Call? Email? Sign up for a webinar? We can create custom graphics to fit your needs.
  • Online advertising – this can be anything from placing Google & Facebook Ads, to us figuring what blog or website your ad will give you the biggest bang for your buck.
  • SEO – Need help figuring out your keywords? We can help.

Samples of our work:

To see more samples of our work and read the thought process behind each website, head on over to our Website Design Portfolio.