Over the last weeks we have talked about Why your small business should have a blog and the general structure of how to write your blog. This week, I’ll give you 10 topics you could incorporate into your overall strategy. Because, let’s face it, we all can get stumped. We get too busy or just have one of those days where we look at the calendar and realize it’s been a week since we lasted posted a blog.

1. How did your company get its beginning? Life long dream or did you fall into it?
2. Who is your ideal customer and how do you stand out from the competition?
3. What is your company’s favorite project or product? Then ask your customer’s opinion.
4. What charity or non-profit does your business donate time or money to? Why?
5. What is your goal for the next year?
6. Feature a customer and their experience with your company.
7. Have a video made of you and your employees having fun or explaining a process
8. Promote an event
9. Write about the best customer service experience you have ever had at another company and how you strive to recreate it at your own.
10. Who inspires you? How does it tie in with your company’s culture?