Bauerhaus Design believes in promoting a variety of experts, including guest blogger, Dr. Linda Hancock, speaker, author and psychologist.
P.T. Barnum used creativity and imagination to attract people to the Big Top circus and other unusual sideshows. He is renowned for the marketing example he has set for others and his statement “Without promotion something terrible happens – nothing!”
Businesses are often limited by the amount of money they can invest in advertising. There are many ways that you can promote your services with little or no cost. Following are 25 ideas for you to consider:

1. Offer excellent service and encourage your clients to send you referrals. Everyone wants to be part of a good thing!
2. Write a regular column in your newspaper. You might not get paid from the newspaper but you definitely will from the community!
3. Sit on a community board or committee. You will get to know people and they will get to know you.
4. Do volunteer work in a charitable organization.
5. Teach a class at a College or University (you will likely be paid for this and promote your business at the same time).
6. Offer to give speech for an organization or group.
7. Open a Facebook account where you will write your business profile. Remember to add photos and talk about what makes you different from other businesses.
8. Make an appointment to meet with a journalist in the community and offer to be their consultant. They often don’t know who to call when they need expertise so you could be their “go to person”.
9. Teach a workshop for an employment agency or high school class.
10. Prepare a Media Release and send it to radio, television and newspapers.
11. Mentor a new immigrant.
12. Write a newsletter and distribute it by email to clients and media.
13. Give discount certificates for charity auctions. This promotes you and may also set up new client relationships.
14. Become an active participant in your professional association.
15. Sign up for a free Twitter account and learn how to build relationships on it.
16. Meet other professionals and exchange referrals with them. Invite one person who you haven’t previously met each week for lunch so you can get to know each other.
17. Put brochures or handouts in the Welcome Wagon baskets.
18. Host your own internet radio show.
19. Become involved in campaigns to clean up the neighborhood.
20. Start a blog with a free account at
21. Put your business cards or a poster with tear-off strips on community bulletin boards.
22. Be a guest on a radio or television show that is focusing on your niche.
23. Offer to promote your profession during their yearly campaign or special project.
24. Write articles and submit them to internet directories.
25. Introduce yourself to people every day!

You see, the key to promotion is to build relationships with others. Learn about the adventure of enticing and attracting others to you and your business through creativity.