Owner of Bauerhaus Design, Rebecca Ritz, answers a wine marketing question from Phyllis at Meramec Vineyards. She wants to know:

“Do I really need a blog? I am already so busy.” – Phyllis at Meramec Vineyards.

I recommend that all of my winery customers blog because it will:

1. Build Trust

The online consumer’s four step decision-making process is: “Like me. Know me. Trust me. Buy from me.”  Today’s consumers want to know your story and what makes you unique before they buy from you. They want to feel like they know you.

A blog post (just like this one) is a great way for people to get to know you. Talk about your life and passion for your company. This will lead people to have the perception that they know you.  People are more likely to purchase from businesses they feel like they already know.

2. Get More Website Visitors

Companies that blog typically have 97% more inbound links than those that don’t, which means more search engine traffic.

There are 2 ways to get more customers to your website. One is via Pay Per Click ads and the other is by blogging. With a minimum of 2,000 words per month, you will rank higher than your competitors and receive at least 20% leads online.

3. Convert Visitors to Leads

Every blog post is a chance to convert a visitor to a future customer. Salesforce reported that it still takes 7 touch points to convert someone to a buying customer. Because of this, you need to insert a Call to Action on each blog post so you can reach that potential customer at least 6 more times.

Call to Action Examples:

  • Sign up for our email newsletter
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Take a survey
  • Sign up for an event

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