In August 2014, Nielsen reported that 70% of all Americans own a smartphone and the average person spends more than 38 hours per month on their smartphone. Think about that – we are staring at our phones for almost a full 40 hour work week! So what does this mean?

When my clients ask me what I think is the future of how we interact with customers, I find myself mentioning mobile more and more. It’s essential to make it as easy as possible for your customers to interact with you – with social media, making your website design and emails responsive (auto-adjusts to desktop, phone, etc), and learning about new ways you can reach customers on their smartphones.

I ran across this great video that illustrates the 4 best practices for mobile marketing engagement. These stats were taken from thousands of mobile phone users world wide who were surveyed for their attitudes towards mobile marketing to understand how this affects business. Here is what they found:

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