2013 Wine Marketing Trends

What’s on your wine marketing list for 2013? Here are 4 trends that will help your wine business increase sales in 2013. How do you plan on getting the attention of your wine lovers?

Marketing trend #1: Content Marketing
Content is King is a phrase that was often heard in 2012 and will be continued to be focused on in 2013. While a Facebook ad only lasts a limited time, content on your website lasts forever. Think of your website as a bicycle tire – the more spokes leading to the center, the more stable it is. Just like this, the more content and links pointing to your website, the higher it will come up in search engines. As I wrote in my article, “Why your business should use content marketing,” content marketing lets your customers find YOU online instead of you having to cold call, send direct mail or hope someone shows up at your store each weekend. By building content people are searching for in Google, you’ll become the go to leader of your wine niche.

Marketing trend #2: Social Media
For 2013, social media will continue to play a large role in growing your business. It’s not enough to post a message twice a week. Instead focus on having a conversation with your customers. People buy from other people they like, so let your customers get to know you. In 2013, we will also start seeing more engagement through cross-social network promotions. For example, run a contest on Facebook that requires consumers to post photos on a wine based Pinterest board.

Marketing trend #3: Think Mobile
More and more consumers have smart phones and that means, more and more are finding you through Facebook check-in’s or Google Maps. Think of this scenario: A wine lover is at a different winery and wants to go to one more before they hit their Bed and Breakfast. What do they do? They get on their phone and search for nearby wineries. For you to come up in Google Maps, you must be registered on Google Plus. It’s also essential that your email newsletter and website are mobile friendly. Meaning, your newsletters need to be primarily text based and your website should have a separate mobile platform or be responsive, so it automatically adjust to different browser sizes.

Marketing trend #4: Combine direct mail + email
Recent studies have shown when you combine direct mail with a follow up email, you have a much higher response rate. Think of it this way – you get home from work, you open your mail and you see a wine event you like and you stick it in your “follow-up” pile. Two days later you receive an email newsletter from the same wine company, while you are in front of the computer and you sign up immediately for the event. While regular email newsletters are important, repeating the message on Facebook, Twitter and direct mail can push you a step ahead of the competition.

One of the most important things about marketing is to have a plan. Without one, you can’t tell which marketing tools yielded the most interaction, list growth and sales year to year. What is on your wine marketing list in 2013?