In the article Can email newsletters increase your sales? I talked about how email marketing can help you better target your customers and stay fresh in their minds. Plus, as you build that level of trust with your customer, they are more apt to use your service and recommend you to others.

But let’s say you have an email newsletter sign-up button on your website, but it’s not getting many sign-ups. How can you increase your email sign-up rate?

1. Provide something of value

If you provide a service, offer a free “white paper/ebook” download with your email sign-up. It can be as short as three pages or as long as 10-12 pages. Most importantly it must have content that is interesting and well written. If you are not a writer, hire someone that is. It could make the difference between 5 sign-ups and 50.

If you provide a product offer free shipping or a one time percent off.

2. Make sure your email sign-up is easy to find

Is it at the top of your screen? Some people refer to this as “above the fold” – another words you don’t have to scroll down to see it. Or is it buried? Is it on every page? Remember not everyone comes to your site via your home page.

3. Offer a Contest for monthly subscribers

Make the prize be something that is relevant to your specific demographic. Don’t have any money to spend on a prize? Call your existing clients or vendors and see if they would be willing to trade products or services. Perhaps they would be willing to partner up with you and use your product or services as a prize for their own contest.

4. Ask your current customers to forward to a friend

If they believe in you and your product or service, they will often be willing to spread the word. All you have to do is ask.

5. Incorporate Social Media

Post messages on Twitter and Facebook asking if they are on your newsletter list. You could also easily run a contest through social media, saying the next 10 people to sign-up win a prize.

6. Promote your email sign-up in person or at your store

If you have a physical store, have a sheet of paper with an email sign-up. If a customer already frequents your store, they will often be glad to sign-up. Or if you regularly meet with a networking group or you are a featured speaker, pass around a sign-up sheet. Make sure you write or talk about what they are receiving. Is it tips? Discounts? First to know? Prizes?

7. Networking

Did you meet someone at a networking event that is interested in your product? When you follow up to schedule a meeting or deliver more information about your product, ask them if you can add them to your email list.

8. Add an email newsletter sign-up to your email signature box

How many emails do you and  your employees send a day? 10, 50? Think of all those customers and potential clients that might not even know you have an email newsletter. Try adding a hyperlink to your email newsletter after your normal signature information. For example, my own says: Do you want to receive free branding, web and social media tips? Sign-up for the Bauerhaus Design e-newsletter.


Remember to receive more email sign-ups, the most important tip is to provide something of value. What is of value to your target market? And don’t forget there are many opportunities to get email newsletter sign-ups other than your website.