Responsive Website Design


My newly re-designed website is finally live! While my old site looked great on desktop screens, it seriously lacked in the mobile department. Now my website lives up to the websites I design and develop for clients. Here is a breakdown of the key features of the new website:

  • It’s responsive: No matter what device you use – smartphone, tablet or desktop – to view the website, the website will adjust to the size of your browser. No more pinching and zooming to try and figure out what that tiny text says. How does your own site look on a mobile phone?
  • Fonts and graphics: The fonts and designs are now consistent with my print collateral. Plus, I took advantage of Google Fonts for my headers and paragraph text. No longer are websites stuck with the fonts Arial and Times New Roman.
  • Easy to update website: My website is built in the Content Management System (CMS), WordPress, which is super easy to update. There is even a mobile app, where you can type in blog posts from anywhere. Turn those unproductive times like waiting to get your oil change, into blog time.
  • Custom WordPress theme design: Just like my work is one-of-a-kind, so is my website design. What does your website design say about you?
  • Defined goals: Each website should have goals for what you want your visitors to do. I defined three goals: More email sign-ups, draw more attention to my contact form with a “Ready to Build your Brand?” graphic, plus more email sign-ups to the Sell More Wine 7 week Email series.
  • A/B testing email sign-up box: I also am testing two different colored email sign-up boxes in the right sidebar to see which converts to more email sign-ups.

Does your website need a re-design, so its responsive and easier to update? Contact me at [email protected]