When I begin working with a client, I often get asked what my design process entails.

Whether it’s a website or label design, understanding how your brand is different than others is imperative — so that’s where we begin.

Bauerhaus Design creates unforgettable brands for the wine, spirits and food industry.

Before we start on a design, we send out a questionnaire to build a deep understanding of a client’s business. Once we review the questionnaire, we schedule a Zoom call to go over questions and it allows us to screen share inspiration.

We ask about things like mission, values, and desired design style. We also ask for information on target customer demographics, competitors, price point, and goals.

Getting a holistic view of your company allows me to be a more effective designer and serve as an extension of your team.

At Bauerhaus, we don’t believe our job is to simply design a pretty picture, but to strategically design marketing tools that help you attract your target market.

The more we know about your business, the more we can design something that will match your aesthetic!

Logo Design

Understanding your target audience and brand identity is key when designing a new logo. This understanding allows us to create a logo in the style and feel of your business through an understanding of what your customers value in design and aesthetic.

Our approach to logo design is to always keep it simple while still encapsulating the fullness of your brand image.

Finding the right mix of design and strategy is where we thrive. We believe the best designs have both style and function and we’re committed to finding the right path for your business.

Label Design

During my last semester of college, I found myself in a packaging design course.

One of my favorite projects was a wine label design. I absolutely loved how a wine label is part art and part strategy. I was hooked!

My team approaches packaging and label design with the same bedrock of developing an intimate background knowledge of your goals. This allows us to explore how to marry beautiful packaging with your brand and audience.

Making sure your labels and packaging stand out and match your brand style makes all the difference. We love creating elegant designs that make people stop, look and try a new wine.

Website Design

Your website is often the first impression a customer gets of your company. The design of your site must match your intended brand presentation.

It should also be built with a purpose in mind.

Web design focuses on drawing a consumer through the site to a call-to-action.

That’s why, before we start creating a website design, we spend time talking through your goals and outlining a clear customer journey of where we want the user to go and do.

We help our customers think through how they can capture a prospects email address and have it trigger an email automation that further engages them. What will their customers find valuable? A discount? A quiz? A video with education about your process?

No matter what the call-to-action is, every website design decision should be founded on a clear understanding of where you want your customer to end up.

Your website begins with a thorough, up-front process of discovery.

To help with that process, we create a Customer Journey map at the start of every project. We call it the Bauerhaus Brand Map.

Bauerhaus Design goes beyond simply putting a website online like many of the template websites that other companies offer. Through a phone call and survey, we develop a series of deliverables that allows us to work efficiently through the duration of production. Your projects success depends on a solid foundation, this work is crucial.

We provide a custom website, that has been thoughtfully designed and created to attain the goals of our customers. This is achieved through detailed interactions with you, the customer, via weekly phone calls and through intense research of your targeted customers. Ongoing communication keeps us on track and aligned — which makes your website build-out a not just tolerable, but exciting experience.

We work with you and build the Bauerhaus Brand Map to outline how a customer finds out about your brand, and how to capture them into your customer journey. The resulting website will be one that is tailored to bring more web traffic of your targeted audience based on the content, design, strategy for growth, and on-page SEO.

Mapping out your customer’s journey ensures we’re creating designs that aren’t just beautiful — but also effective.

At Bauerhaus, brand design and development is rooted in strategy, research, and artistic vision. Each project is based on a six-phase process that begins with a dive into your business goals, your competition, and your target market.

The Bauerhaus Brand Map, our signature customer journey development process, helps companies identify and understand their customer so they can implement effective branding and marketing strategies.

Interested in exploring your new logo and beyond? Schedule a discovery call with us!