If I bought a bottle of your wine and then went to your website, do they have the same branding elements?

Your wine label is often the first piece of branding your customer sees and often wineries focus all their brand strategy on the wine label. While the label is very important, it is only a piece of your brand.

If I open your website and the brand looks completely different than your labels and marketing collateral, then you are doing your wine brand a huge disservice. Your customer now has to change their initial perspective of your wine brand. Consumers make all kinds of negative interpretations from old technology, especially if your website isn’t mobile friendly or they can’t find the info they are looking for.

Instead, your goal is to reinforce your unique brand from wine label to website to marketing collateral to winery tasting room experience. Don’t go in a different direction on your website, just because it is trendy or you don’t want to update to newer technology. Instead, stay on brand and repeat elements that reinforce your brand.

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