Indian Hills Winery monthly Facebook optimization

Our last few wine marketing spotlight posts have focused on improving your advertising. They’re chock full of helpful information such as How to identify advertising channels for your winery, 7 Tips to improve your winery’s advertising effectiveness, and 5 Tips to help wineries use Instagram.

But what if – like so other many winery owners – you’re too busy running the winery and doing what you love to learn about advertising and social media, much less plan and execute it? Fortunately, Bauerhaus Design, Inc. can do it all for you!

Catawba-IndianHillsWe’re wrapping up a six month social media management project right now. Indian Hills, a family-owned winery located in Southeast Missouri, hired us to optimize their Facebook page. Here are the project highlights:

The Package Social Media Optimization for Indian Hills Winery included:

  • Reviewing their Facebook page analytics to learn about their audience
  • Creating a social media marketing schedule best suited to reach their fans on the right day and at the right time
  • Posting on their page a minimum of 6 times per week each month for 6 consecutive months
  • Providing owners with a monthly analytics report that summarized post performance and included recommendations for the future

The Process

Our marketing expert, Michelle Sciuto, called the owner to learn about Indian Hill’s brand, goals, audience, message, and desired tone. Michelle learned that they were comfortable using humor in their posts, and that they really wanted to highlight their live entertainment on the weekends, as well as their special Ladies Night and Date Night events.

Indian Hills provided their Facebook account login, event calendar, and pictures for social media content. Michelle wrote posts designed to inform, entertain, inspire, and connect with the Indian Hills fan base each week.

Indian Hill Winery Facebook posts

We sent an email to the owners every Monday with a link to that week’s posts so they could preview them before they went live. Throughout the month, Michelle would gauge post performance and adjust the copy or images as needed. The owners of Indian Hills no longer had to worry about their Facebook page!

Indian Hills Facebook monthly posting

Lastly, Michelle created a performance report for each month’s worth of Facebook posts to analyze performance to determine which messages and images best resonate with their audience. We sent it to the owners with a summary of the metrics, takeaways, suggestions, and recommendations.

The Metrics

We focused on the following:

  • Page Likes – the number of fans their Facebook page has
  • Post Reach – how many people saw the message
  • Post Engagement – the number of people who interacted with their page via likes, shares, and comments

We also tracked the number of participants at the special Ladies Night and Date Night events each month.

The Results

From the beginning of the project to the end as compared to the same timeframe last year:

  • Number of Page Fans is up to 2,077, which is a 21% increase compared to the 11% increase in 2014
  • Daily Organic Reach increased 10% over last year, which is especially noteworthy given that reach is down across all Facebook pages
  • Average organic reach is anywhere from 5% – 11%
  • Popular posts for Indian Hills generated an organic reach of 36% – 50%!
  • Engagement doubled!

The Takeaways

Facebook posts for Indian Hills performed best around 12 pm and 9 pm on weekdays, and 10 – 11 am on weekends. Their fans really responded well to humorous posts, as well as the posts containing event pictures, pictures of people enjoying the winery, pictures of the winery views, and videos where they bottled the wine.

The Testimonial

“Posts look great! You did a really nice job with the event notice. VERY cute. You have done a great job even without any help from me and I thank you for that.” – Nicole Sifford, Indian Hills Winery

We can help you, too!

If you’re interested in social media management for your winery, please contact us! We’ll provide you with a free estimate customized for your needs.